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Tide Coupons

Tide is one of the leading companies that offer laundry detergent. The Tide brand of Laundry detergent is a household brand and used by millions so it is no surprise that you are looking for Tide coupons. Coupons are a wonderful way yo save money on things that you buy everyday. Luckily for you I have found a few very good sources to find tide coupons and I will share them on this page. Keep in mind that on top of this page we also add new coupons to our homepage and our tide coupon page. On this page I will link to pages where you are VERY likely to find Tide coupons, but on our homepage and tide coupon page you will find the most recent laundry detergent coupons.

Most Recent Tide Coupons

Here is a list of coupons we have found recently and added to our tide coupon category. The coupon on the top is the most recent.

  • $4 in Printable Tide Coupons for September 2013 - There are six printable Tide coupons available for September 2013. The coupons are for Tide washing machine cleaner, tide to go pen, tide detergent, tide plus bleach and tide boost. Print these coupons off and use them along with sales and coupon doubling to save a lot!  
  • $1.50 Tide Coupon on Amazon – September 2013 - There is a $1.50 Tide coupon available on Amazon. In order to redeem this coupon you need to buy two Tide detergents. The great thing is the Tide detergent is already very cheap on Amazon, so the $1.50 off will help you save even more. To redeem this coupon click the image below, you will […]
  • $3 Tide Coupon for March 2013 - There are two new coupons available for Tide detergent for March 2013. The first one is for $2 off Tide boost and the 2nd one will save you $3 off three tide detergent products. These coupons are both available on Amazon.com which is great because you get to take advantage of the coupon, the low […]
  • A few Tide Coupons for October 2012 - There are a few Tide coupons availlable for October, some are available online and others in flyers. A great place to check for Tide coupons is in your Sunday coupon inserts. Tide usually releases a new coupon every month or so, keep an eye out every Sunday for the new coupon. If you are looking […]
  • $3.40 in Tide Coupons for September 2012 - Tide currently has a few coupons available on Amazon.com, you can also use these coupons for any Tide or Bounce products. You may be surprised but if you shop for health care products online like detergent and other bathroom / laundry supplies you can actually save quite a bit of money! I did some of […]

Tide Coupons Resources

 Tide Coupon page – This is our own tide coupon category that we use to share all the coupons we find for Tide. Whenever we find a tide coupons online either to print, or redeem online we will write a post about them with a link. Every post will be added to that page so it will be easy to find the most recent tide coupon

Tide Promotions Page – This is the first place that you should check if you are trying to find some coupons for Tide. The deals and coupons are always changing so at any given time they may or may not have coupons for tide. If they don’t have any at the moment you can always check again, or subscribe to our tide coupon category to be notified when new Tide coupons are available

Amazon Coupons – This is another good place to check, not just for tide coupons but for all kinds of savings! For the past 5 months I have seen tide coupons on this page so that is why I included it here. All you have to do is visit the page and look in the health and personal care section. You can scroll over to see new coupons, and I find if you hit refresh sometimes new coupons will show. These coupons are only good for goods purchased on Amazon, but with great deals and free shipping (plus a tide coupon) you can’t go wrong!

Tide Company Information and Quick Facts

Tide is owned by Procter and Gamble and was introduced to the US market in 1946, then later in Canada, morocco, India, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. The Tide brand is called Alo or Ace in some other countries. Tide was the first marketed for washing machines, previously mild detergents were made for hand washing but when washing machines came out there was a need for a heavy duty synthetic detergent.

When Tide came out they marketed it as Americas washday favorite and it quickly led to the demise of it’s competitors Rinso and Gold Dust washing powder.

Tide Researches wash 50 000 loads of laundry every year, using various tide detergents and the exact mineral content from many parts of the USA to ensure their detergent is consistent and performs under all conditions

Tide also has other products like the Tide to go and tide stain release, if you would like coupons for these products check the Amazon link and don’t forget to subscribe to our tide coupon page where we post the most recent coupons for Tide

Tide Video – How to Remove Grease Stains

I found this video from Tide and it shows how to remove grease stains. I thought it was a very helpful video and wanted to share it with others.