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Gain coupons

This page is set up to link to the most recent Gain coupons, and also provide information on where you can find more promotions and coupons for the Gain laundry detergent product, first let’s start off with the most recent coupons

Most Recent Gain Coupons

Here is a list of coupons we have found recently and added to our Gain coupon page

  • Gain Detergent Coupon $1 off | August 2012 - There is a new coupon available for Gain laundry detergent. Every month I look for laundry detergent coupons and it is not very common to find coupons for Gain so you should take advantage of this one while it is available. It is available on Amazon.com and will save you $1 on top of the […]
  • Gain Coupon for April 2012 - I have found a Gain coupon for April that will get you $1 off any Gain detergent or fabric softener. Gain coupons are hard to come by and they are VERY hard to find online. This particular coupon is not offered online but it is not too hard to get, the coupon is available in […]

Gain Laundry detergent is the newest product offering from Procter and Gamble in the laundry detergent market. Many people do not know this but P&G also own the Tide brand as well as Cheer, and Gain. Gain is the best smelling laundry detergent out there but it is also more expensive then those other cheaper brands, but do not worry as I know where you can find some Gain coupons and save a bit of money!

Gain is one of the newer laundry detergents on the market and it does not have the same reputation as tide. While there are quite a few Tide coupons out there the ones from Gain are harder to come by. I love to get the best deal on my detergent so I looked long and hard for a Gain coupon and it seems the best bet is to visit this official Procter and Gamble website (I will link below to the actual page)

Where to get Gain Coupons

P&G BrandSaver and Sampler – This is basically the catch all for coupons and free samples from P&G, if it is made by P&G there will probably be a coupon in their brandSaver every few months. You do have to register to get it, but you end up saving a lot of money on more than just Gain!

Gain Website – Usually a good place to look for coupons for products is the official product website but right now it looks like Gain is not offering any. Here is a quote I found on their website “We don’t offer coupons on the site, but you can sign up for our Fan Club and be the first to know about all our fun promos and other neat stuff.”. Right now it looks like the best bet is their homepage

Another great place to find coupons for laundry detergent is our laundry detergent coupons homepage. We find and post the most recent coupons for brands like tide, purex, gain, cheer, downy, wisk and more.