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Sep 03 2012

$3.40 in Tide Coupons for September 2012

Tide currently has a few coupons available on Amazon.com, you can also use these coupons for any Tide or Bounce products. You may be surprised but if you shop for health care products online like detergent and other bathroom / laundry supplies you can actually save quite a bit of money! I did some of my monthly household supplies shopping on Amazon last month (making sure to use as many coupons as I could) and with the coupons, free shipping and the deals you get online I ended up saving close to $40! I stocked up to so I don’t even have to buy some of the things again this month.

To check out all the healthcare coupons available (including a few Tide coupons) visit the Amazon health can personal care coupons page.

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