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Jan 09 2012

Downy printable Coupons 2012

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I have found a great source for downy printable coupons in 2012, right now there is a $1 off coupon that you can use on any purchase of Downy wrinkle releaser. This is a great coupon to keep around when this product comes on sale and then you can double up and use it in conjunction with the sale of Downy.

50 cents off Downy fabric softener coupon – This coupon is available on Amazon and gives you 50 cents off the already discounted price. To get the coupon just visit this page and click the downy fabric softener you want, the 50 cents off coupon is applied at checkout giving you even more off the price you initially see on the site.

Downy Wrinke Releaser coupon – To get this coupon just visit the downy wrinkle releaser promotion page. They ask for a bit of information but once you fill it in you will get your $1 off downy coupon.

More ways to save on Downy

Believe it or not a lot of people buy their detergent and fabric softener online because you can find better prices and get free shipping. Check out the first link I shared to search for some deals, you may be surprised. Whenever I find a great deal I buy in bulk and stock up, I can sometimes find deals of $5 off or more, so if I buy 10 I save $50

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