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Oct 16 2011

$10 worth of Laundry coupons from Bounce

sheet to save $10 with laundry couponsThis is an awesome deal for anyone who does the laundry, Bounce is offering a sheet of coupons worth $10. From looking closely at the sheet I see coupons for Tide, Downy and bounce and more. This sheet should help you save a little money the next time you go out to stock up on laundry detergent

$10 Laundry coupon sheet

To get the sheet just visit Bounce care and fill in your details in the form. You will then be given a link to download and print off the coupon sheet.

More Money Saving Tips for Laundry

Do you hang your clothes to dry? You should because you will not only save money on electricity,but you will also help use less energy which is better for the environment.

Do you ever reach in your wash machine and find clothes that feel like they are almost dry? Some washers have a great spin cycle and get almost all the water out of the clothes in the spin cycle. Just hang those clothes up on a drying rack.

If you are doing a few loads of laundry try to hang up all the laundry that you don’t need right away, by the time you need them they will be dry.

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