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Aug 02 2011

Welcome to the Laundry detergent coupons blog

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o.k, this might sound a bit strange to you but yes I am starting a blog and website about laundry detergent coupons, well to me I think it is a good idea to help other people save money. Basically what I do is collect coupons and also raise a few kids. Believe me with all the sports they play the laundry detergent costs really start to add up!

With a few kids and our clothing I found I was spending a lot on detergent and then started thinking to myself “how can I save more money?” Then it hit me, I should search for coupons online. I started looking around and was amazed at how much I could save just by looking for coupons for laundry detergent. The good thing is that I am not to picky on which one I use, I usually just buy whatever is on sale anyways. For this reason it was very easy for me to save, I would find tide coupons, gain coupons, purex coupons and more. After I started saving so much money I thought I would share my knowledge with others.

Well I don’t really have a tonne of friends and I spend a little time online each day so I thought why not start up a blog and just post the new coupons that I find on here, that way anyone searching will find them. My plan is to update this blog any time i find a new coupons for tide, gain, purex, cheer or any of the top laundry detergents. I will not post any junk coupons either, just the good stuff!

Once I get a few good coupons up here I will improve the website, maybe a nicer design and an option to subscribe. This is my first post and I was so excited that I just wanted to get it up and share!